How To Dance Hip Hop?

How To Dance Hip Hop?

Hip hop dancing is enjoyed by all ages and all sizes. For leisure, for career or just to work out, dancing can be a very fun activity to bond with mates and family.

Nonetheless, the educational curve is perhaps fairly steep for some because of the fast and physically demanding movements. The secret is to focus and preserve practising.

Many who need to discover ways to dance hip hop are willing to place within the hard work but don't know the place to start.

This article allow you to understand the completely different types of hip hop dance moves and kinds and maybe from this list, you could find your favorite and get started with that.

Here's a list of among the more common dance types people love (in no particular order):


Additionally known as B-boying or breaking, breakdancing is a popular type of street dance for the reason that early Seventies that began as a part of hip hop tradition amongst African American and Latino youths in New York City.

Often danced to breakbeats, b-boying consists of 4 main elements: toprock, downrock, energy moves, and freezes. These elements will be mentioned in more element in another article.


Initially known as Campbellocking, locking is a style of funk dance that involves freezing from a quick movement and "locking" in a certain position, holding that position for a brief while and then continuing in the identical pace as before.

What makes it attention-grabbing is that although it depends on fast and distinct arm and hand movements, it's blended with more relaxed hips and legs.

Lockers usually execute large and exaggerated movements which are rhythmic and tightly synced with hip hop dance songs. In case you are quite the extrovert, this could be the type for you as it's quite efficiency oriented which largely entails interacting with your viewers by smiling or giving them a high five. In addition, some locking moves are quite comical in nature which makes it very entertaining to watch.

Locking is typically danced to traditional funk music, similar to that produced or carried out by James Brown.


Generally mixed up with locking because they're always put collectively, popping is a form of avenue dance originating from California because the 1960s-1970s. One of many unique funk styles, it is based on the technique of shortly contracting and enjoyable muscular tissues to cause a jerk within the dancer's body. That jerk is referred to as a pop or a hit.

With its crisp and sharp movements, songs used by poppers are normally heavy on rhythm so that dancers can create the robotic feel to a track with a mix with numerous movements and poses.

Poppers usually integrate other styles like robotic, waving and tutting to create a more assorted performance.

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